Welcome to the Parole Commissioners for Northern Ireland


The PCNI office is currently accepting post but, where possible, post should be sent electronically to our Referrals Mailbox which is monitoried daily - Referrals@parolecomni.org.uk. We appreciate your co-operation.

Please be aware that PCNI email addresses have changed. They now take the following format, please update your records accordingly: firstname.surname@parolecomni.org.uk

This website will provide you with information about who the Parole Commissioners are, the legislative framework within which they work and how the parole process works.

The Parole Commissioners are an independent body of experienced people who make decisions on the release and recall of all life sentence and public protection sentence prisoners in Northern Ireland. They also make decisions on the recall and further release of determinate custodial sentenced prisoners who have been sentenced to 12 months or more.

The Parole Commissioners replaced the Life Sentence Review Commissioners, the previous body that existed for that purpose.


Legal representatives attendance at Parole Hearings

The Parole Commissioners for Northern Ireland would like to remind all legal representatives attending parole hearings in the prison establishments that it is imperative that their car details (make and registration) are provided to the Parole Commissioner’s Secretariat no later than 2 weeks prior to the hearing in order to facilitate entry to the prison.

Failure to provide these details may result in attendees being refused admission to the prison and the case may have to be adjourned. Please note that the Prison Service have advised that last minute changes in representation cannot be facilitated.

You should arrive at least 45 minutes before the start of the hearing. On arrival, you should report to staff at the External Vehicle Gate, to whom you must show some form of photographic identification. From there you will be directed to parking facilities.

Electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops etc are prohibited.

Should you wish to consult with your client on the day of the hearing, you are expected to make the necessary arrangements with the Prison in advance.